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You wake up for a late-night bathroom run and when you flush, World War III suddenly erupts from your toilet in a series of bangs that wakes up everyone in your house. You’re not the only homeowner in Lubbock, Texas, with this issue. Find out why your toilet may be making unusual sounds when you flush, so you can fix the problem before causing further damage to your home.

Why Is Your Toilet So Loud?

If your toilet is humming or banging when you flush it, you could have a number of problems on your hands. One of the most common reasons stems from the toilet not refilling properly. Usually, this comes from a problem with the refill valve, which will keep the toilet from filling up with enough water. Improper refilling can cause backups in pipes, which is never good.

Another common cause of loud toilets is the infamous "water hammer." A water hammer causes bangs in your pipes when you flush because a valve in your toilet is closed quickly, which suddenly cuts off the water and pressure that was flowing through the pipes. The force caused by that sudden stoppage could eventually break your pipes’ joints and fittings and leak water into your walls.

How Can You Fix Your Toilet?

If you notice that your toilet is abnormally loud when you flush, you need to jump on the problem. You can start by trying to unclog the toilet to see if the sound is being caused by a nearby blockage in the pipes. If that doesn’t solve your problem, it’s time to call in the big guns. The best way to fix a noisy toilet is to call your local plumber. He will be able to quickly ascertain the cause of the problem and fix it before you experience more issues.

Whatever the reason that your toilet is so loud when you flush, you need to remedy the problem as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage. To have your toilet restored to silence, call Duncan Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. and Plumbing at (806) 798-1738.

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