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Heat pumps offer Lubbock, TX homeowners an ultra-efficient home heating and cooling option. Since they cost a bit more upfront, however, homeowners often worry about their longevity. To allay those fears, here’s how long an average heat pump system will last and why they’re worth it.

The Average Lifespan of a Heat Pump

As is the case with anything mechanical, there’s no absolute lifespan for a heat pump. However, if you maintain your heat pump properly, you can expect 10 to 15 years of reliable service. That assumes, of course, that you use your heat pump all year round.

Here in Lubbock, there aren’t typically long, cold winters, though. That means homeowners here probably won’t use their heat pump every day of the year. It’s reasonable to expect a heat pump here to last a bit longer than it would elsewhere.

The Benefits of a Heat Pump

The important thing to realize is that heat pumps operate far more efficiently than traditional heating and cooling technologies. In the summer, a heat pump might use up to five times less electricity than a standard air conditioner. In the winter, heat pumps often operate at exceptional efficiency levels as long as the temperature outside doesn’t dip too low.

In other words, a heat pump should last almost as long as traditional AC systems. Plus, they can help save you significant sums in operating costs during their lifespan. Together, those factors make heat pumps an excellent residential HVAC option for homes here in Lubbock.

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