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A heat pump is essential in providing heat to your home. It extracts heat from the surrounding air, which is then transferred to your home and circulated. These components will ensure an efficient, safe, and healthy system. The following are key components of your heat pump in Lubbock, TX.

1. Compressor

The compressor is the heart of your heat pump. Its purpose is to convert energy from the power plant into a fluid that is then used to transport heat. The compressor has at least two parts: the interior and the exterior. An oil-filled tube protects the interior and contains a bearing that allows it to rotate without creating friction or noise when operating.

2. Motor

The compressor is then paired with a motor with the same purpose as the compressor but only for rotation. It runs at a low speed while being able to operate at high speeds, depending on the amount of work it needs to complete.

3. Fan

The air blower is essential to your heat pump as it completes the circulation of the warm air from your home to the outside. The device blows cool air from outside into your home. The fans need regular maintenance and care to ensure proper function.

4.Refrigeration Coils

The refrigeration coils are on the exterior of your heat pump. They’re responsible for absorbing heat from the air before it enters the system. The coils help to cool your house by transferring cold outside air through them, then into your home.

5. Thermostat

This is a device that helps you control the temperature in your home by setting the desired temperature and then opening and closing a valve, respectively. It also controls the speed of your heat pump.

These components of your heat pump are important in making sure that the system is working at its peak. You need to know that you have a system that’s working properly and keeping your house at the temperature you want. Contact us at Duncan Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. & Plumbing for heat pump installation services.

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