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Is your furnace leaking water and you are wondering what could be causing this? The furnace can leak water, and the reasons can vary slightly depending on whether it is a high-efficiency or non-condensing furnace. Here are three reasons that could make your furnace leak water in Abernathy, TX.

Malfunctioning Condensate Drains

The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. Since you spend a lot of time in your home, always endeavor to make it habitable for your family by ensuring your furnace is functioning properly. Malfunctioning condensate drains could be what is hurting your furnace.

Under normal circumstances, condensation from high-efficiency furnaces will form, and the moisture drains away. However, if the condensate drains are leaking or clogged, your furnace cannot carry the water or the condensation out of your home.

The condensation ends up collecting around your furnace. An HVAC professional can fix it by unclogging and sealing the leaking parts properly.

Problem With Humidifier

Your non-condensing furnace include a humidifier that uses water that flows into it to create moisture. The leaking water could be due to a leaking or clogged humidifier.

An HVAC professional can help you fix the issue but will first need to inspect it in order to determine whether your furnace has a built-in humidifier or not. If you have a leaking humidifier, it’s time to call for a repair right away to reduce or eliminate the potential of water damage.

Issue With Vent Pipe

Non-condensing furnaces can leak due to poorly designed vent pipes. Non-condensing furnaces have metal flue pipes whose work is to carry away gases from combustion out of your house.

If the metal flue pipe is functioning properly, it should carry away the gases relatively quickly so they do not have time to condense into moisture. However, sometimes the exhaust pipes could be too big or have no slope, which can allow a lot of air to circulate and to trap gases inside. Trapping gives room for the gases to cool down and condense into water, which then leaks out of your furnace.

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