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Indoor air quality is an important consideration for every homeowner in Lubbock, Texas, especially if you suffer from allergies. Monitoring and improving your air quality is easier than ever thanks to new, energy-efficient products. Here are some IAQ products that will help to keep your home air clean:

Use a Humidifier

When you run your heater regularly, the air in your home can get dry, leading to itchiness and throat irritation. Humidifiers are a great way to circumvent this issue without needing to stop using your heater.

You can equip some HVAC units with a humidifier add-on, and there are also room-sized independent humidifiers. Both kinds have a minimal energy draw and are highly efficient without breaking your budget.

Use a Ventilator

Like its name suggests, a ventilator ventilates to removes smells and allergens from your home’s air. Often used in kitchens, these devices are a handy way to keep your home smelling fresh by exchanging stale indoor air with fresh air from outside. Some models even offer a recovery feature that captures some of the energy lost during the air exchange process.

Use a Carbon Monoxide Detector

While almost every home has a fire detector, carbon monoxide detectors are just as vital for your family’s safety. It monitors carbon monoxide levels in the air and alerts homeowners if levels reach too high. These detectors are affordable and run off batteries. Common placements include kitchens and central hallways.

Use UV Lights

UV lights are often associated with plant growth and tanning booths, but these lights are also remarkable germ killers. Installed inside the ductwork of a home’s HVAC unit, these lights kill germs and contagions in the air before it ever reaches the inside of your home. Plus, the lights aren’t very large, so the draw on energy is minimal.

Keeping a high level of indoor air quality is one of the first steps towards a comfortable, healthy home. If you’re concerned about the air quality in your home, give Duncan Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. & Plumbing a call today to set up a consultation and learn more about our IAQ products!

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