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The Environmental Working Group warns that your drinking water isn’t necessarily safe even if it passes federal guidelines because the EPA hasn’t updated its legal limits for contaminants in several decades. In the EWG’s 2012–2017 report of the tap water in Wolfforth, TX, arsenic and fluoride were over the legal limit. You’ll want to learn about these and other contaminants that commonly find their way into tap water, as well as what you can do about it.


Pesticides, petroleum and wood preservatives leak arsenic into groundwater. Arsenic in high levels can reportedly contribute to cancer and lower a person’s IQ.

Long-term exposure to arsenic can cause liver and kidney damage, an increased risk of infections, fatigue, skin changes, and a shortage of red and white blood cells. Arsenic is fatal at high levels.

The legal limit for arsenic in the drinking water is 10 ppb, but the EWG recommends a limit of 0.004 ppb for safety. In Wolfforth, TX, the EWG found 10.6 ppb of arsenic in the water.

Dibromoacetic Acid

Dibromoacetic acid is a byproduct of certain disinfectants that increases your risk of cancer. It gets into tap water because some water treatment facilities clean their water with disinfectants that create dibromoacetic acid.

For this contaminant, the EWG recommends a limit of 0.04 ppb, but the national average is 1.17 ppb. In Wolfforth, TX, there is an even higher presence of dibromoacetic acid.


Bromoform is another byproduct of certain water treatment disinfectants. It can cause problems during pregnancy and increases the risk of cancer. Ingesting high levels of bromoform also causes liver and kidney damage and the slowing down of brain functions.

Tap water in Wolfforth, TX, has high levels of bromoform at 7.59 ppb. The EWG advises no more than 0.5 ppb.

What Can You Do?

You can install a salt-free RevitaLife water conditioner to help ensure that your drinking water is clean. A certified plumbing company will have to handle the installation for you.

Salt-free RevitaLife water conditioners use electronic frequencies to render minerals inert so that they don’t cause limescale or stick to the pipes. They do this without stripping healthy minerals from your water.

It’s not just a myth that drinking water isn’t as clean as you would hope; there are plenty of hidden contaminants in it. Contact Duncan Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. & Plumbing to discuss a water conditioner installation in Wolfforth, TX.

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