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Living in Lubbock, TX, chances are that you spend half of your day inside your home, so you should be able to rely on your heating and cooling system to keep you comfortable. It’s important to know, though, that there are a few choices that can lower your indoor air quality. Using chemicals, not changing the air filter and skipping regular maintenance can all cause poor air quality in your home.

Use Volatile Organic Compounds

In many homes, chemical cleaning supplies, aerosol sprays and other substances like paints can have volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, in them, which are unhealthy to breathe too much of. VOCs can cause irritation in the eyes and throat, headaches and damage to your central nervous system, so if these are things you use often, you should look into ways to protect your indoor air quality. Smoking inside also has a negative impact on your home’s air quality.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Proper maintenance of your heating and cooling system goes a long way toward keeping your indoor air quality optimal. Dust and other tiny particles get trapped in the air filter as the system works to circulate air. Changing your air filter every three months (or more often if you have indoor pets) keeps your system running efficiently, but it also keeps your air clean.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Scheduling routine maintenance, like a tune-up, helps your system run efficiently. Technicians will inspect the system, test airflow and clean some parts of the system. They also locate any issues that need attention, which keeps your system running at top performance levels.

There are several ways you can prioritize and protect your indoor air quality. When you need your heating and cooling system serviced, contact Duncan Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. & Plumbing.

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