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Air filters clean air that circulates through your Lubbock, TX, HVAC system. Filters trap dust, dirt, and biological contaminants that could affect your health and comfort. Here are five signs of an old air filter.

1. Accumulation of Dust

The presence of dust particles on your surfaces indicates that your air filter is old and needs replacement. Filters get clogged as time passes, and they can release dirt and contaminants into the system. This can contribute to poor indoor air quality.

2. Increased Energy Bills

An old air filter can make it harder for your system to regulate your home’s temperature. This can lead to your HVAC system consuming more energy, resulting in higher monthly energy bills. Old air filters can also cause overheating of your HVAC system.

3. More Allergy Attacks

People who suffer from allergies need to check their air filters regularly. When your air filter gets older, they become saturated with allergy triggering allergens. These allergens can negatively affect your health and home comfort when they are blown in the air.

4. Frequent Repairs

Air filters age and get clogged, leading to frequent breakdowns. Old air filters are less efficient compared to new ones. Frequent repairs are costly and shorten the life span of your HVAC system.

5. Reduced Airflow

Old air filters can limit the amount of air being conditioned in your HVAC system. This can reduce airflow in your home, leading to discomfort. Reduced airflow makes the fans work harder and wear out more quickly.

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