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Plumbing leaks are among the most frustrating problems you can experience in Plainview, TX. An experienced plumber can quickly fix some leaks, though hidden water leaks can cause costly damages because they are tricky to detect. Early detection of water leaks can save you money, so read through to find signs of water leaks in your home.

1. The Sound of Running Water

If you hear water running, first confirm that your outdoor fixtures, faucets and toilet valves are in perfect condition. Take your meter readings and avoid using water for a few hours, then take another meter reading. If there’s a change with the meter readings, it means that water is flowing, indicating a water leak.

2. Wet Spots

One of the obvious signs of water leaks is wet spots on walls or floors, though it can be hard to detect if the leak is small. Water pools in your lawn or grass thriving in one area of the garden could be a sign of an underground pipe leak. It requires the help of a residential plumbing expert to inspect your pipes for leaks and conduct repairs or replacements of worn-out pipes.

3. Low Water Pressure

If the pressure of your shower or faucets suddenly drops, it could point out a water leak. Ways of identifying low pressure include observing how long your washing machine or dishwasher takes to fill or from dripping showerheads. You need a certified plumber to inspect your residential plumbing system for water leaks and recommend an ideal solution.

4. Higher-Than-Usual Water Bills

If you notice a sudden spike in your water bills for no obvious reason, a water leak could be the culprit. Even a small water leak can add up quickly and waste gallons of water, increasing your water bill. It’s necessary to fix a leaky toilet or faucet before they increase your water bill.

Watch out for these water leak signs and call a plumber for repairs. Regular plumbing maintenance also helps to catch these signs and repairs early enough. Call Duncan Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. & Plumbing today for professional commercial plumbing installation services.

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