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Your air conditioning unit works overtime to cool your Lubbock, Texas, home during the summer. With high temperatures, it becomes vital that your air conditioner is working efficiently to ensure the comfort of your home. As your air conditioning unit begins to age, you may notice it works less efficiently, requires more costly repairs, or just does not seem to be performing the way you’d like it to. If your air conditioning unit is exhibiting the four signs below, it might be time to consider getting a new air conditioner.

You Notice Increasing Utility Bills

Higher utility bills may be the first sign that your air conditioning is not running efficiently. As the parts in your AC system become worn, they may begin to work less effectively causing your unit to work harder to produce less.

The Humidity is Higher or Lower in Your Home

Your air conditioner will maintain the comfort of your home by adjusting the humidity in your home. If the air in your home begins to feel thicker or stickier, and you notice moisture accumulation around your windows, it might be a sign that the humidity is not being removed from your home.

You Are Making Frequent Service Calls

While all air conditioners will require routine maintenance and occasional repairs, you should not have to call your HVAC specialist on a regular basis due to problems or necessary part replacement. If your AC keeps going down or parts keep wearing out, it may be a sign that the unit is struggling to work properly.

Your Air Conditioner’s Airflow is Weak

If your air conditioner isn’t delivering sufficient airflow throughout your home, you should consider replacing it. You should be able to feel air gushing through your vents. There could be an issue with your compressor. Call a professional HVAC company to inspect your air conditioner to see if an air conditioning replacement is reasonable.

Your Unit is Over 10 Years Old

There is no magic age when your air conditioner runs less efficiently. A lot will depend on how often you run it and how regularly it’s maintained. Yet most units will probably lose some efficiency around the ten-year mark and problems and repairs will be more common after this point.

If you notice the four signs above, contact Duncan Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. & Plumbing today to inquire about your air conditioning replacement options.

Originally published in July 2018, updated in May 2020

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