One Call Gets It All

Unfortunately, your plumbing system is quite delicate and can quickly get damaged. The most common reason for plumbing issues has been human habits that, over time, can destroy pipes. If you’re looking to expand your plumbing system’s lifespan in Lubbock, TX, here are four habits to end today.

1. Ignoring Leaks

Many people have a habit of ignoring leaks. You think it’ll miraculously stop, or it’s just not that serious. Unfortunately, a leak could mean your pipes have issues or your faucet needs tightening.

Water leaks increase your water bills as well, which is something you’d want to avoid. When you notice a leak, contact a plumber to inspect and ensure that it’s not a sign of a more significant issue.

2. DIY Plumbing Solutions

A YouTube video is not a certification for qualified plumbing skills; even when you think it’s just a small problem, there’s a chance you may damage a pipe. Unclogging your drain using a plunger or cleaning your sink using drain cleaners is okay when done once. However, if the problems persist, it’s time to seek residential plumbing services from the pros.

3. Dumping Foreign Objects in the Toilet

Quit dumping non-dissolvable items and flushing them down your toilet. You should trash things such as baby diapers, cotton pads and wet wipes, among others, in a can. Otherwise, they’ll clog your toilet and bring about sewer backups and stenches in your home, affecting your indoor air quality.

4. Overusing Your Garbage Disposals

Eggshells, onion skins, grease and oil, coffee grounds, potato peels, asparagus and other hard items shouldn’t go in your garbage disposal. They don’t easily grind and can jam the garbage disposal, causing clogs and damaging it. Only grind soft foods or liquid foods to keep it working for longer.

If you notice a leak, clog, or any plumbing issue in your residential or commercial building, contact a professional. At Duncan Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. & Plumbing, we have experienced pros offering top-notch plumbing services, so call us today.

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