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Although replacing your air conditioner in Lubbock, TX, might seem like you’re blowing through money, it might be the most cost-effective solution. A failing AC will increase your monthly utility bills, demand frequent repairs, and negatively impact your indoor air quality, translating to more spending. Keep an eye out for the following signs to know when it’s time for an AC replacement.

Frequent Repairs

AC repairs are an ordinary occurrence. As your system works to keep your home comfortable and indoor air clean, the process of wear and tear takes place. Even with regular maintenance, you should still expect to do some repairs and replacements as your system gets older.

As your system approaches the end of its lifespan, though, you’ll need to repair it more often. If you notice that the technician is frequenting your home to repair your system, it’s a clear sign that you should start putting some money aside for a new system.

Strange Noises

Since you’ve probably used your system for a while now, you can easily tell when it starts producing unusual noises. This could be due to electrical problems, a broken part, or worn-out components. To figure out what the matter might be, reach out to an HVAC expert to examine and fix the problem.

In the event the problem won’t go away after repairs, it could be an indication that you need a new AC. If you’re working with a certified technician, they will advise you on whether it’s time for a new system, what options are available within your budget, and which will meet your needs.

Increasing Energy Bills

This is one of the most common indications that an AC is faulty. An inefficient system will work harder and take longer to meet the desired temperatures.

That usually means that your air conditioner will use up more energy, translating to higher electric bills. Have a professional check whether they can resolve the issue through repairs. If not, it’s a signal that installing a new system is inevitable.

Since 1994, we’ve been installing high-efficiency equipment for our clients. Our technicians are NATE-certified and continually undergo regular training to ensure they are at the top of their game. Contact Duncan Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. & Plumbing today to schedule AC installation in Lubbock, TX, and the surrounding areas.

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