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When the hot and humid summer conditions of Lubbock, TX, take center stage, your priority becomes a functioning HVAC system. One key component of your HVAC system is the thermostat for its communication and temperature adjustment duties. Having a new thermostat will serve you in many ways.

Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective

Traditional manual thermostats are less energy-efficient compared to newer models of programmable devices. A thermostat plays an integral part in controlling and heating or cooling your home. Therefore, your thermostat should work efficiently to make the most out of the energy used.

It’s best if you factor in the correct settings that’ll ensure your thermostat works smartly. A programmable device can self-adjust to decrease use during the non-peak hours of your home, such as when you sleep or are away. The EPA suggests that you save your utility bills up to 15% if you upgrade to a modern programmable thermostat.

Boosts Your Home Comfort

A programmable device incorporates energy-efficient technology without compromising on your desires. A modern thermostat can learn your routine or schedule, and it allows you to add personalized settings.

Automation Makes It Easy to Use

Unlike older devices that feature manual controls, programmable thermostats are automatic. Therefore, your new device will adjust its temperature to suit your needs unless you opt to make changes manually.

Programmable thermostats also allow for remote management when you’re not at home or during timed periods. Some even have geofencing so that they change settings when you’re a set distance from your home.

Allows for a Zoning System

If you plan to install a ductless mini-split or incorporate a zoning system, programmable thermostats are for you. Zoning systems allow separate room heating and cooling for businesses, restaurants and homes. Older models of thermostats aren’t compatible with the zoning system.

A thermostat is the brains of your HVAC, assisting in the climate control of your home. Contact Duncan Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. & Plumbing to install a new programmable thermostat.

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