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Air conditioning is a wonderful invention that provides relief from heat and humidity. When properly maintained, air conditioners help maintain a healthy indoor environment. However, there are health risks associated with air conditioners when they are not properly installed or well-maintained in your Lubbock, TX home.

Allergies and Asthma

Dust, pollen, insect droppings and animal dander are common allergens and asthma triggers. Using air conditioning and closing windows can keep some allergens from entering a building. However, once they are inside, poorly maintained heating, ventilation and air conditioning units allow these particulates to be blown through ducts and enter the living space. Regular AC maintenance checkups and cleaning air filters can reduce airborne particulate levels.

Respiratory Problems

High humidity can aggravate respiratory problems. Dust mites, contaminants and bacteria require moisture to thrive. In addition, insects such as ants and cockroaches seek out humid environments. The Centers for Disease Control recommend keeping humidity levels below 50 percent. By lowering humidity, these organisms cannot survive.

Drip pans, condensate lines and air filters in poorly maintained air conditioners are a breeding ground for contaminants and bacteria, organisms that can cause respiratory problems. Regular AC maintenance helps keep moisture from accumulating in components.

Skin Irritation

Many of the pollutants and allergens discussed above can also cause skin irritation. Air conditioning removes moisture from the air, which usually results in better comfort. However, poorly installed units that do not cycle properly result in uneven temperatures and poor humidity control. Air that is too moist allows organisms to thrive. Air that is too dry can cause nasal membranes to dry out and skin to become dry.

Duncan Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. & Plumbing understands the air quality problems created by airborne pollutants on the Llano Estacado. We offer a full range of heating and cooling services to keep your indoor environment comfortable. During a tune-up, technicians inspect and adjust all components of the system including filters, drip pans, condensate lines and coils.

For more information about AC maintenance and ways to maintain a healthy indoor environment, call (806) 798-1738 to speak to one of our licensed service technicians.

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